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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

How to Clean Your Carpet 101
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Carpet is a great flooring solution for homes. It is a natural insulator, soft and comfortable, it can absorb noise and is available in a variety of styles and colors. The downside to installing carpet is that it requires regular deep steam cleaning, especially if your home has daily foot traffic or if you own pets. With regular spot cleaning and vacuuming, carpet should be cleaned on an average every 18-24 months to remove dirt, stains, dander or allergens. Too much steam cleaning too often, however, can damage your carpet and cause it to delaminate (separate) from its backing. Learn more about how to clean your carpet and what determines how often you should do that with the professionals at DUNCAN Flooring Specialist. 

Carpet and Kids

Every parent can agree that messes are not uncommon when you have kids. From spilled food, dirty shoes and the aftermath of arts and crafts, your carpet can suffer. Some stains and dirt can be removed using a vacuum or spot cleaning solutions. Other times, deep steam cleaning is required.  We recommend having your carpet cleaned by a professional cleaning service every 18-24 months to maintain its appearance and keep your carpet warranty intact. You can rent your own carpet cleaning machine between those intervals if the area with carpet is smaller. However, be cautious when using carpet cleaning detergents/soaps in those cleaning machines. If they aren’t thoroughly removed during the rinse cycle, remaining residue will attract the very soil you were trying to eradicate!   

Carpet and Pets

Those with carpet installed in their home, that are living with pets, should also consider a deep steam cleaning every 18-24 months. Having pets comes with dander, shedding hair, tracked in dirt and even periodic indoor accidents. While some of this can be quickly cleaned using a vacuum and/or carpet cleaner, your carpet may begin to lose its color over time and develop an odor – which is why a professional cleaning is a must. At DUNCAN Flooring Specialist, we proudly offer pet-friendly carpet choices. They resist stains and release hair with ease. There are also new carpets available, with special backing, that prevent accidents from soaking through the carpet to the carpet cushion. 

Water Damage

If flooding occurs in your home and leads to water damage, water damage restoration is necessary as soon as it is possible. The water will be removed and extracted. From there, the area will be fan dried, ending with cleaning and restoration.  Many times, the carpet can be salvaged.  In most cases, the carpet cushion will have to be replaced.  Mold can grow in your carpet if there is water damage, which is why the timely restoration process is essential. 

For Questions or Concerns About Your Carpet, Contact DUNCAN Flooring Specialist

When it comes to cleaning your carpet, it is important to use the correct cleaning formula based on the fiber of your carpet as well as whatever you are trying to remove. Our team of specialists is very experienced when it comes to different types of carpet.  We can make recommendations based on what you currently have in your home. If you’re looking to purchase new carpet, we carry a wide selection of high-quality and affordable carpet for your spaces. We will take into consideration the style you are looking for, your budget, color and ease of maintenance to give your home the look and feel you are envisioning. To learn more about the process, contact one of our professionals to schedule a consultation.  Come to visit great quality, in person, at our showroom. DUNCAN Flooring Specialist is excited to offer help in any way possible. We can’t wait to work with you to create the space you have always imagined!

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