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Realistic wooden basketball court. Vector illustration background Sports arenas are often used for functions other than sports. Graduation ceremonies, concerts and conferences are just a few of the examples of these alternative uses. Because of these multiple uses, arenas and entertainment facilities require a versatile flooring system that can withstand continuous heavy traffic. Fitness centers need flooring systems that are versatile enough to accommodate different uses such as cycling, yoga, basketball, dance and other activities. Hotels and other facilities within the hospitality industry require flooring systems that encompass durability, quality, performance and comfort.

At DUNCAN Flooring Specialist, we understand the importance of that very first impression and we want your space to accurately represent your vision. We have the experience and proper understanding of these sports and entertainment spaces to create a top-of-the-line facility.

Products and Applications

We carry weight lifting mats that not only help to prevent wear and tear on your flooring system but also help to protect the equipment from damages and athletes from potential injury. These easy to install, anti-slip, shock-absorbing and water resistant surfaces are ideal for weight rooms and gyms. If you are building or renovating a bowling alley, theater or hotel, we have a wide range of flooring solutions for hospitality applications including commercial-grade flooring and specialty flooring solutions that can be customized to the specific pattern and color scheme that best fits your business’ needs. We provide premium commercial flooring solutions for multi-purpose recreation rooms that minimize odor and maximize performance. If you are building or renovating an ice rink or roller rink, we provide ultra-durable, cut resistant products.

No matter the type of facility you are constructing, we have flooring solutions for every space from entryways and locker rooms to public restrooms, multi-purpose fitness rooms and reception areas. At DUNCAN Flooring Specialist, we believe in quality, style and performance. All of our products are backed with an excellent warranty and we are committed to delivering the best commercial flooring solutions possible to our customers.