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Choosing the right carpet for your space requires careful thought. Our team at DUNCAN Flooring Specialist is here to help. We have the experience and knowledge needed to help you find a carpet that best suits your space, style and budget. Although some believe carpets have a negative effect on allergies, studies show that rooms with carpet have lower levels of airborne allergens and irritants than rooms with hardwood or laminate flooring. Learn more about the factors to consider when selecting a carpet for your next flooring project.

Things to Consider

When selecting the right carpet for your space, there are many elements to consider. Certain carpets are better suited for specific applications. The following factors will help you decide what it is you are looking for in a carpet:

  • Carpet Page Image Style
  • Padding
  • Fiber Type (Polyester vs. Nylon)
  • Color
  • Application
  • Durability and foot traffic
  • Price and budget
  • Maintenance

Carpet is soft and comfortable and it insulates your space. Unlike other flooring types, carpet is a natural insulator. Carpet will naturally warm your space and potentially lower your utility costs. If you add cushion beneath your carpet, its thermal properties are even stronger. A carpet pad will make your carpet feel softer and it will increase its useful life. Also, any carpet life can be extended by upgrading the pad. Carpet can also be used as an effective noise barrier. Carpets absorb sound, making your space quieter.

When it comes to selecting a carpet, every space is unique. All of our carpets are durable and backed with strong warranties. We have a variety of samples available for you to browse through. From commercial grade carpet to soil resistant and soft, we have a carpet solution for every project. Visit our showroom and see the different carpet styles and colors in a real life setting. Our team of professionals will review your requirements and help you find a high-quality and affordable carpet for your space. Speak with a specialist to learn more about the process.

Carpet Tiles

Those looking for an easier, more sustainable option for carpet should consider the benefits of carpet tiles. This type of carpet is particularly popular in commercial spaces for the benefits of its versatility paired with the comforts of carpet.

  • Easy Installation
    Carpet tiles are easy to lift, and replace if necessary. Typically, their size and efficiency produces less waste during installation.

  • Easy Maintenance
    While regular vacuuming and occasional deep cleanings are still important for this kind of carpet there are noticeable differences in the maintenance of regular carpet and carpet tiles. Damaged tiles can be removed and replaced with your extra stock tiles rather than cutting out and patching that is required for roll regular carpet.

  • Extreme Durability
    Not all types of carpet offer the same durability, but there are some options of carpet tiles that protect against wear and tear that have a longer life expectancy.

  • Design Flexibility
    Carpet tiles provide the opportunity of design freedom in the patterns and configurations that can be created upon installation.