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Why Use Commercial Carpet Tiles?

carpet-tiles-in-meeting-roomConsider Commercial Carpet Tiles For Your Workplace

If you need new flooring in your commercial building, there are a number of options available to you. Depending on your needs and uses, commercial carpet tile can be a great solution. The flooring you put into the building will need to fit the functions of that building. If you see your commercial property in these situations, commercial carpet tiles may be a good fit.

Sound Travels Too Much And You Need Superior Quiet

There are some businesses that aren’t bothered by sound, but others need peace and quiet in order to operate in a professional manner. If the commercial property has a lot of echoes and sound travels quickly, commercial carpet tiles can provide acoustics and insulation to quiet things down.

There Are High Traffic Areas That Often Show Wear

You might not think about carpeting if you have a high traffic area that you don’t want to look old and worn down again any time soon. However, commercial carpet tiles are a great solution because you can replace the tiles with ease. If a tile gets worn or soiled, it is simple to remove one or more tiles and swap in a new tile without replacing the whole floor.

The Building Needs A Sense Of Style

Part of what you do in any commercial building is show off your creativity and style. You will attract tenants with more ease if you have a stylish appearance throughout the building. There are plenty of flooring options that are nice, such as hardwood, but commercial carpet tiles allow for creativity in colors and patterns.

There’s A Lot Of Furniture To Move Around

If you were going to install regular carpeting, everything would have to be removed so the carpet could be rolled out. With commercial carpet tiles, however, the furniture can stay in the room throughout the process. It can simply be moved around as the tiles go in. The installation process is easier for any business in the building because it doesn’t disrupt everything with a huge furniture moving process.

You Don’t Have A Lot Of Storage Space

There are often extras when it comes to new flooring and you want to keep some of the floorings on hand for the future. However, carpet rolls are large and hard to store but carpet tiles are simple to store. You can stack them in a corner of a small closet and have them out of the way in no time.

Contact Duncan Flooring For Options On Commercial Carpet Tiles

If you are ready to look at various samples of commercial carpet tiles, or if you want to investigate other types of flooring, Duncan Flooring is here to help. We can help you pick out residential or commercial flooring and we’ll even install it for you. We’ll help you go through the needs of your commercial building bit by bit so you know you’re making the best, informed decision for the flooring in your space.


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