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Top Office Flooring Options

Getting The Best Office Flooring

The right office flooring should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Office managers have a lot to consider including their budget, the overall design scheme of the office, traffic patterns, maintenance needs and more. Comparing different office flooring options to those requirements can help you come up with the right option for your space. Look through these choices and see if any of them meet your specific circumstances.


You could get carpet, or, better yet, carpet tiles, for offices that require more insulation from noises. Carpet is softer so if workers have to spend a long time on their feet, it can bring more comfort. Carpet squares are easy to pull up and replace if one area is damaged or worn. You don’t necessarily have to replace the whole office flooring. It’s a good idea to buy extra squares initially so you have some to use are replacements later. Carpet is easy to care for with vacuuming but can show traffic patterns if there are high volume areas.

Ceramic Tile

This beautiful option for office flooring brings warmth and durability to the space. There are nearly endless options of colors and patterns and the tiles are easy to care for with sweeping, though they can stain if something sits on them without being cleaned up. Since they are harder, they make it less comfortable to stand all day long, but they can give an original, classy look to the office flooring.


Hardwood floors are one of the top choices for many offices because they are rich and warm. There are a number of wood types and stain colors to achieve the right look, but wood can be damaged with scratches and moisture in certain situations. Hardwood is also durable and doesn’t show traffic patterns very easily.


Laminate office flooring can look like tile, stone, hardwood, or anything else, but its price is much lower. If the flooring budget is low or you know you’ll have to replace the flooring frequently, laminate is a good choice. It can easily be cleaned and resists water and warping.

Natural Stone

Natural stone gives the office an elegant, luxurious appeal as a higher end material. It adds something to the décor and a protective sealant can reduce scratching issues. With regular maintenance, this office flooring holds up well against wear and tear.


Rubber flooring is ideal for high traffic areas and is very easy to care for. It’s heat and water resistant and helps fight against slips as well. IT’s more comfortable for long hours of walking or standing and absorbs sound, like carpet.

Finding The Right Office Flooring

These are just a few of the options for office flooring. In order to find the right fit for your space, consider what you have now and what you want to change about it. You can also consult with a professional and get advice as to what you might need to meet all of your requirements. Contact Duncan Flooring for help with office flooring decisions.

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