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Rob V.

“If you plan to remodel, redecorate or just replace a carpet, do yourself a favor and go to DUNCAN Flooring! It’s a family business that has put together a team of professionals that sets the benchmark of service for others to strive towards.

Chris Sullivan is the Showroom Director who will highlight products you never knew existed. She listens to your needs and then puts it all together in a way that you couldn’t do by yourself. If you happen to pick something out that’s a bit questionable, she’ll nudge you back on track but always respect your decisions. Jeff Kutzer is the Project Manager that will oversee your installation from start to finish. He comes out to look at your job and then offers those extra little installation ideas that make a good thing a great one. These tips can only come from someone who has over 30 years experience like Jeff does. He is there when the installers start and follows up when they are done.

DUNCAN is a team of professionals that you want to do your next job.”

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