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Simply a great place to shop for flooring. Seriously, call Luna and Empire, like I did, and get a carpet quote. Then get a quote from DUNCAN and compare the pricing, it’s like night and day. Plus, the salesman was way more knowledgeable and not nearly as pushy. I later found out that Empire’s sales employees have to close 50% of their sales calls or they’re fired. For the same carpet after haggling with the guy, he went from $6500 to $4000. He had some kind of rehearsed line “I could pair it up with another job and use a roll end balance to save you over $2000”. That’s when I knew something was wrong, and I showed him the door. Thank God my buddy Rob told me about DUNCAN, or I would have spent an extra $1000 with Luna. I also found out they sell all types of flooring, so I will call them in the summer when my kitchen needs new tile!

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