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Our Favorite Kitchen Flooring Trends

Beautiful Kitchen Flooring Ideas That You’ll Love

A kitchen is a living space that you take pride and comfort in. It is the heart of your home: where you entertain, prepare school lunches, help with homework, and craft family dinners. Your kitchen must look beautiful, while withstanding the wear and tear of your everyday life. When you decide to get new flooring, you will want an option that is not only durable, but also something that you can love for years to come. Here are some of our favorite current trends in flooring that will be a timeless addition to your new kitchen space.

Hardwood from Head to Toe

Hardwood floors bring the warmth of the Tuscan countryside right into your kitchen. Seriously, we can smell the pasta sauce cooking already! Hardwood kitchen flooring gives off a classic look that will remain versatile as the years pass and your tastes change. In addition, solid hardwood makes for practical kitchen flooring material, as it can be as it can be sanded and refinished; engineered wood can be “lightly sanded or screened” and refinished to eliminate trails caused by high foot traffic, accidental scratching or denting.


Bring Some Texture to Your Kitchen

If you choose hardwood flooring, no two pieces of hardwood are identical in terms of design or texture. You can get a textured look on your kitchen floors from wire-brushed, distressed floorings in wood, as well as laminate, marble, and many other materials.


I Can’t Believe It’s Not Hardwood

If hardwood flooring isn’t an ideal choice for your kitchen, you can still get an appearance of wood flooring without the constant upkeep of the hardwood itself.  Laminate, vinyl, and even ceramic tiles come in several patterns, including hardwood. These materials can give you the look and feel of the other materials that you so admire, but do not wish to maintain. Take a look for yourself: you would probably never know that your floors weren’t hardwood to begin with!



Laminate is easy in both its installation and maintenance. It is an extremely durable material and comes in a multitude of shades that mimic wood floors and other materials.


Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl is usually installed in tiles or planks to mimic a wood tile or plank effect. It is similar to laminate in material, but isn’t installed in large pieces and is waterproof – so perfect to use in kitchen and/or bathroom settings where water on the floor could pose a problem!


Tile Lookalikes

Ceramic tiles come in a variety of colors and patterns–you can even get tiles to look exactly like hardwood flooring or stone! Ceramic tiles are a great way to create a patterned kitchen floor exactly to your liking.


Go Green

Want to make a clean footprint? If being environmentally conscious is important to you, there are many eco-friendly options you can consider when it comes to your kitchen flooring. Many finishes come with environmentally friendly alternatives, and many homeowners choose to use locally sourced, natural materials for their kitchens as well. Ask for more details if you want to be  environmentally friendly with regards to your flooring.

The Perfect Kitchen Flooring For You

With so many great options, picking the right kitchen flooring might seem like an overwhelming task. We are here to help figure out what material is best for you and your lifestyle. If you need additional help selecting the best flooring for your home, contact Duncan Flooring. We are happy to assist you.

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