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The Difference Between Commercial And Residential Flooring Companies

Lobby-with-marble-flooringCommercial And Residential Flooring Companies Meet Different Needs

From the outside looking in, and unless you own or manage a commercial space, your mind might just automatically see a flooring company as one that specializes in home flooring. It’s easy enough to see why you would lean in that direction. But when it comes to commercial and residential flooring companies, the two specialties are very different. Some companies take on one or the other while there are businesses that specializes in both. Whether you need commercial or residential flooring companies, it is important to understand the difference so you get the service you’re expecting.

Commercial Flooring Companies Deal With Large Scale Projects

When you are thinking about the floors in a home, keep in mind that space is limited. There are only so many rooms in a house. Although some office buildings are small as well, commercial flooring companies have the capability of taking on large-scale projects. Here at Duncan Flooring Specialist, we can cover buildings ranging from assisted living facilities, hotels, schools, rental communities, and even sports venues. Versatility is important when it comes to commercial jobs.


Workplace Needs Are A Major Factor For Commercial Flooring

The “needs” of residential flooring tend to be similar from customer to customer—people generally want something that looks nice and is comfortable. Depending on the industry, however, this might not always be the case for commercial flooring. Facilities in the medical industry have very specific flooring needs. They should use hypoallergenic and durable materials, for example. Using slip-retardant flooring materials is also very important for the safety of both the patients and the staff. At Duncan, we are licensed, insured and bonded, so we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about any industry-specific flooring.

Commercial Flooring Companies Specialize In Wear

There will be a certain amount of wear-and-tear in your home based on the foot traffic from your family. You will want to know how your flooring wears as time goes by. But in regards to a commercial setting, the potential for quicker wear-and-tear is much more imminent. The flooring will often be more expensive in commercial settings because it is made of material that is specifically made to withstand constant, heavy foot traffic.

Both Flooring Companies Handle Design

Design elements are different for commercial and residential settings, but both companies will have professionals who can help you meet certain style needs. In a commercial setting, you want the building to make certain statements for the businesses within it. The flooring might remain more neutral to fit a number of styles and you need it to blend in with wall colors, furniture, and fixtures that are already there. In a home, the flooring is often versatile and changes from room to room. But designers at flooring companies can help with those decisions on either side.

Handle It All With One Flooring Company

Whether you have commercial or residential flooring needs, Duncan Flooring Specialist can help. We have an impressive showroom to display products for both homes and commercial buildings which can give you an idea of what you might want. We’re ready to help you transform whatever space you have with the best flooring materials that will meet your individual needs—whether that be in your private residence, or in a public commercial space.

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