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What Should You Consider For Commercial Carpet?

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If your place of business is in need of new carpeting, there are plenty of options on the market. How can you determine the most suitable carpet for your building? Some of the most important issues to consider are the amount of traffic in the area, maintenance, color selection, durability, etc. Keep these topics in mind as you look for the right commercial carpet. Here are some questions you should consider during your search.

Is There A Heavy Traffic Flow?

Some commercial carpet will go behind counters or under desks and it won’t necessarily see a lot of traffic. Other commercial carpet may be installed in corridors or entryways where a lot of people will be coming and going. Keep in mind that carpet for higher traffic areas should have more durability and higher wearability ratings in order to look great for many years.

How Much Maintenance Is Necessary?

Carpet always requires some maintenance as you will want to vacuum and keep it clean. Stains should be removed immediately and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If necessary, have the carpet professionally cleaned. When choosing a commercial carpet make sure to ask about any stain protection. Some carpets are naturally stain resistant and others are treated while in the manufacturing process.

What Colors Highlight The Décor?

The building may already have a certain color scheme going and there might already be decor in place. Or maybe the carpet will be chosen first and the color scheme will follow. Sometimes a designer may be working with you to make color selections. Other times it may work best to choose a color that is neutral and complements the other colors that are dominant in the building.

Finding The Right Commercial Carpet

Getting the exact right fit can be a challenge, but if you take your time answering the above questions and work with professionals who know commercial flooring in general, especially carpet for commercial buildings, you will be happy with the outcome in the end. Speak with the experts at Duncan Flooring Specialists and tell them about your needs. The more you can describe your commercial flooring needs, the better they can find just the right fit. Take a look at samples and take some back to the building so you can see them in the light provided within the building. Commercial carpet is a great fit for many different buildings as long as you find the right flooring company to help you with your selections.

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