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Commercial Carpet Advantages

CarpetThe floor covering you choose for your business will have a big impact on the workplace as a whole. If you are about to change the flooring, you will have to think about which option is best for your workplace. There are a number of reasons why carpet might be the smart choice for your commercial business. Here are just a few to consider.

Aesthetic Appeal

Carpet makes just about any space warm and inviting. When you install carpet into your business, you will make an impression on customers, vendors, and anyone else you do business with. Carpet has a tidy look that gives a comfortable appeal in a variety of colors. It can make guests feel welcome and right at home.


Commercial carpeting is designed to withstand constant high traffic. The low-profile composition and density of the carpet is crush-resistant and will retain its original structure for many years. You don’t have to worry about how busy your office is in relation to how your flooring will hold up.


If you have hard flooring, the office might seem a lot louder and noisier than it would with carpeted floor. Carpet softens the acoustics of any room and absorbs sounds. It gives you a noise buffer in the workplace. It will also help block sounds coming from other floors if your building is multi-story.


If employees or customers walk around a lot within your business, there’s a level of comfort and cushioning that comes with carpet. You have less stress on worker’s bones and joints and the surface has an automatic grip that gives a greater level of protection against accidents like slips and falls. If someone does fall, carpet softens the blow and makes for fewer chances of injuries.


Carpet can trap dirt, dust, and allergens until they can be properly removed through vacuuming or extraction cleaning. There are less irritants floating through the air causing health issues for staff or customers because the carpet traps it and keeps it in place until it is cleaned.


Installing commercial grade carpet into your workplace gives you a quality investment that ensures a functional, safe, and comfortable workspace. Business owners sometimes feel overwhelmed when it comes time to choose the best carpet because there are a variety of textures, styles, and colors available. But the variety is a good thing because that means every business can find what they want and need to fit their preferences.

Duncan Flooring Has Commercial Grade Carpet Options

Any commercial building needs quality flooring and if carpet is the right option for you, Duncan Flooring Specialist has everything you need. With a wide selection of versatile options, you can meet the requirements of any commercial space. We are experts in the field and we are happy to offer our knowledge and advice when it comes to making important color and style decisions. Contact us for samples and quotes for your next commercial grade carpet, ceramic tile, laminate, or sheet vinyl project. If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them for you!

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