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Commercial Flooring Solutions for Industrial and Warehouse Environments

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DUNCAN Flooring Specialist understands that commercial buildings need quality flooring to meet the needs of their business or organization. With a wide selection of high-performance, well-designed, and affordable flooring solutions for every industry, you can trust our experts to help complete your project to the best of their ability, using their best knowledge and experience of course. One of the many areas of commercial flooring we cover is industrial buildings and warehouses. It is important to consider the requirements and demands in order to determine the proper flooring solution for these environments. 

Requirements and Product Demands

Warehouses and industrial buildings are often used for storing and distributing goods. Many of the items inside of these spaces may be heavy and require equipment and machinery for moving and lifting. This is why, in both of these commercial areas, forklifts and conveyor systems need to be able to operate with ease. Durable flooring systems are necessary for warehouse spaces, while industrial buildings need impact-resistant flooring. Safety requirements must be followed appropriately for both. The longevity of your flooring is important, so you want to look into the durability, ease of installation, maintenance needs, monetary value, impact resistance, and chemical protection before making a final decision. 

Types of Flooring 

DUNCAN Flooring Specialist carries a wide-selection of heavy-duty industrial flooring. Foot grilles prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked into the commercial space. Drain tiles are used around the foundation of the space to pump water away from it. Rubber mats improve work conditions and prevent injuries in industrial buildings and warehouses. If your floors experience heavy traffic and are affected by machinery and other tools, you should consider looking to impact-resistant flooring. Compressive strength flooring helps your business save money because it is not easily worn, withstanding heavy weight and foot traffic. Anti-slip flooring is important to prevent accidents from employees slipping and falling. This type of flooring is resistant to moisture, which makes it more difficult for people and objects to slip on the surface. In some workspaces, an electrostatic discharge can be very dangerous. Anti-static flooring takes static electricity and moves grounds it, preventing reactions and creating a safer environment. Whatever flooring type you need, we will find a durable solution for you. 

Money-Saving Options

Investing in a flooring solution that has a long life expectancy means your business will save money in the long run. The flooring will be durable, so you won’t have to worry about heavy machinery and traffic wearing it down quickly. Proper flooring will lead to easier maintenance, which makes the solution last longer. Anti-slip options will prevent fewer accidents, ensuring your employees are safe and eliminating costs of injury. By looking at the bigger picture, it is wise to invest money into a high-quality flooring solution that will perform accordingly. 

Get an Estimate From the Experts at DUNCAN Flooring Specialist

It is our goal to help you find the best flooring option that suits your industry needs, so that it can run successfully. Our showroom features the Contractor’s Corner, which provides contractors with everything they need for flooring. We are more than willing to lend a helping hand and provide the supplies needed for your project or offer guidance. Contact the flooring specialists at DUNCAN today or visit our showroom to receive an estimate on commercial flooring.

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