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Commercial Flooring Options for Sports and Entertainment Facilities

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Commercial flooring sounds simple enough—when you are covering the office space floor with new carpeting or tiles. But what about commercial flooring for an area that is used for entertaining? Perhaps an arena that will receive a lot of high, heavy traffic? That’s a whole different story. And there are different needs that have to be considered when installing flooring systems for sports and entertainment venues.  

The Versatility

Sports facilities are, of course, used for sporting events, practices, and friendly games, but they are also often used for other functions as well. Basketball courts in a community center, for example, could be used for graduation ceremonies or parties, assemblies, conferences, concerts, and more. Because there are so many uses that go into these commercial floors, you need a flooring system that can handle heavy traffic on a regular basis. Fitness centers have to have floors that can be used for yoga, dance, basketball, cycling, and more. There are entertainment spaces in hotels that have to be durable for wedding dances, but lovely and comfortable for conferences. Performance is key in any of these flooring situations.

Finding the Right Applications

If you’re worried about people slipping when they are sweating on a sports floor, there are anti-slip floor applications to consider. If you want to protect individuals as they work out in a high impact manner, there are shock-absorbing floors to make things more comfortable. Water resistant surfaces work well in places like the weight room and there are even floor solutions that minimize odors and maximize performances.

Making the List

One way to figure out what you are looking for in a commercial flooring system for a sporting or entertainment facility is to make a list of how the floors will be used. Think through one year of use and try to list everything that will go on in the space. In a basketball court, for example, there may be weekly games and weekly practices from a number of teams. There are likely community service events, like craft shows, and town hall meetings. List the regular events so you can figure out what flooring needs you have to serve. Taking that list to a professional can help you figure out what direction to go with your commercial flooring.

Meeting Versatility, Style, and Performance

Even if you have a lot of needs for your flooring, and you want a certain style and high performance as well, the good news is that technology has come far in recent years and there are many options for quality commercial floors today. You will want products that have a proven track record and that also come with excellent warranties since any flooring in a highly used space is an investment for you and anyone who uses the space.

Contacting Commercial Flooring Specialists About Sports and Entertainment Spaces

If you aren’t sure what direction to go in, take your needs and your list of uses to the professionals at DUNCAN Flooring Specialist. DUNCAN has a large selection of high-quality flooring materials for every application. They’ll help guide you toward the flooring that will work best for every area, sporting, entertainment, or otherwise. DUNCAN Flooring Specialist is a leader in the industry and is competitively priced, a Women’s Business Enterprise and has a Better Business Bureau A+ rating.

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