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Commercial Flooring For High Traffic Areas

business-workers-walking-around-officeThe Right Commercial Flooring Options

If your commercial business needs new flooring, it might be because the high traffic areas in the flooring have worn through, causing you to need a replacement. If you get flooring that can’t withstand high traffic areas, it will need to be replaced sooner than later. Replacing flooring disrupts your daily operations and it’s not something you want to do very often. Choosing the right commercial flooring material for high traffic areas is important. Here are some of the alternatives you can consider:

Natural Stone

Natural stone is more expensive, but it can be one of the most durable options on the market. Stone doesn’t show wear and can take a lot of traffic. It can last for decades. There is a large variety in color and styles. Any commercial business can find an alternative that may work very nicely.  


While hardwood has a timeless, classic appeal, it also gives you the lack of wear you need for certain settings. Hardwood floors will have to be refinished from time to time, but otherwise, they are great for high traffic areas in a commercial flooring situation. It  also fits in with any style you already have and can help raise the value of the building.

Commercial Carpeting

While carpeting isn’t the first thing you might think about for high traffic areas, there are commercial carpets that withstand wear and tear much better than what you might see in a residential setting. Carpeting is also in some cases less expensive than many of the other options and gives a sense of comfort. It’s easier for people to stand on it for long periods of time and it deadens and absorbs the noise in the building as well.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is a multi-layer, synthetic product that is noise, scratch, and water resistant. It’s also very helpful in high traffic areas since it holds up well against most of  what comes its way. This material is manufactured to replicate the look of many other forms of flooring, like ceramic tile, stone, and wood, so you can get whichever style you like in a less expensive manner.

Ask About Traffic On Commercial Flooring

If you aren’t sure what the right fit will be for your commercial flooring project, contact the experts at Duncan Flooring Specialists to ask about the options. It’s easy enough to describe the kind of traffic you have, what flooring you’ve had in the past, and what you did or didn’t like about it. From there, the professionals can make recommendations that might work better for your commercial situation based on budget, style, and durability.


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