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Benefits of Waterproof Kitchen Flooring

Waterproof Kitchen FlooringWaterproof Kitchen Flooring Has Come a Long Way

Gone are the days of rollout vinyl as your only option for waterproof flooring in your kitchen. Luxury vinyl plank floor systems are very versatile and attractive, designed to replicate wood, stone, and ceramic. The installation can be your next DIY project too because you can install it right over your existing floor, and they are waterproof which is key, especially for a kitchen. Water is often present when you are cooking in the kitchen, so flooring that is waterproof can help you in a number of ways. Here are a few reasons to consider waterproof kitchen flooring, specifically the new vinyl plank floor system.

Maintenance Ease

When it comes to the kitchen, you have enough work to maintain a variety of items. You have to clean the countertops, sanitize the eating area, wash the dishes, and maintain the cook tops. There are plenty of things to do in the kitchen when it comes to cleaning! So if you have kitchen flooring that is waterproof, you are adding to the ease of your maintenance, not adding more chores to your list. Kitchen flooring is often a high traffic area and if you don’t wipe water off a material like vinyl, it won’t stain or cause issues later.


Kitchen flooring has to blend into the overall look and feel of the kitchen. Since vinyl is a waterproof material, it will often look better than other materials because it always looks nice, even if you have water on it that has dried. Kitchen flooring is an important part of the room and luxury plank vinyl comes in a variety of looks and styles. You can get vinyl in a number of colors and patterns and it can even look like wood, if you want. The appearance is natural and highlights any colors you want, but also is not thrown off by water.

Peace of Mind

If you are working hard in the kitchen, you really don’t want to have to worry about splashing a little water on the floor when you are stirring one thing and adding ingredients to another thing. You have peace of mind that a little splashed water here and there won’t do any harm to your kitchen flooring. It’s not a big deal with waterproof flooring.

Kids and Pets

Do you have kids in your home? Perhaps a pet or two? You never know what is going to happen to your kitchen flooring! Kids spill things and pets have accidents. When those things occur, you can clean up the mess simply and easily without a worry. The kitchen flooring won’t stain when it is waterproof. You don’t have to worry about spoiling something that can’t be undone, and neither do the kids.

Contact Your Flooring Specialist

If you want to make a change in your kitchen that will be easier to maintain and more practical for the long run, contact Duncan Flooring Specialist. We have special summer sales going on for the Floorte by Shaw Complete Waterproof Luxury vinyl plank floor system to help you get the flooring of your dreamed, for any room, that is both waterproof and practical. There are lots of different flooring options from which to choose. Any homeowner can match their kitchen flooring style needs, and we are happy to help you choose flooring for the other rooms of your house as well!

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