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5 Considerations For Industrial Flooring

young-people-rushing-to-work-in-buildingIndustrial Flooring Makes A Difference In The Business

There are many different types of industries, and they all have to have flooring. The differences can help you meet unique demands, but only if you choose the right flooring type and style. Safety and durability are of paramount concern in the commercial and industrial flooring areas. Before you make your final decision, compare the different options and keep these considerations in mind.

1. Amount Of Traffic

You will want to think of how much traffic the flooring will have to withstand. If you have people that have to stand on the flooring for a long period of time you might want something more gentle under foot than concrete. On the other hand, if traffic is minimal you can go with a harder  and more durable surface.

2. Type Of Traffic

The type of traffic makes a big difference in the flooring you will choose as well. Foot traffic is different than heavy machinery, trucks, cars, or other items. You’ll need something that can naturally endure the weight. Foot traffic won’t wear the same as forklifts, heavy shelving or rolling carts and trolleys.  

3. Floor Coloring

It’s great for even industrial flooring to look presentable. If spills are something that occur on a regular basis, you’ll want a surface that won’t be difficult to clean and won’t show stains. While lighter colors are often more appealing, they can show more wear and dirt as time goes by. Choose a color that won’t be boring after a year has passed. Grays are a good neutral choice for handling stains and coordinating with its surrounding areas.

4. Area Temperatures

If you are putting a flooring into a room where welding is done or into a freezer section, those are two very different environments. The flooring you choose has to withstand the temperatures surrounding it and maintain its durability despite those conditions.

5. Maintenance Costs

Any industrial flooring will have to be maintained in some way or another to preserve and extend its life. You’ll want to know the costs that go into maintaining whatever you choose so you can figure that into the product selection upfront before purchasing.

What Are Your Specifics?

Consider what you need for your industrial flooring and include things you might want as well. You need a flooring that suits your business and the circumstances around it, but you might want a certain style and appeal as well. As you decide the details, contact professionals to help you figure out and narrow down the options.

Get the Industrial Flooring You Need

When working on industrial flooring, it’s an excellent idea to have professionals help you meet the needs within your building. Whether you need anti-slip or impact-resistant flooring, anti-fade mats or something between, Duncan Flooring Specialists can help guide you to options that fulfill those requirements and still stay within your budget limitations.  Flooring is an investment and with industrial circumstances, you want to get it just right. Be sure to contact us today for expert guidance.


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