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4 Tips On Choosing Commercial Carpet

Office-with-carpet-flooringKey Considerations When Choosing Commercial Carpet

When you are in charge of a commercial building, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of the important decisions that will cross your path is the flooring for the building. The floor gets used on a daily basis and people see it. The function and form of the flooring you choose is crucial to how the building operates. The appearance of the floors can have an impact on how people see the facility. If you decide to go with commercial carpet, replacing it can be expensive if you make the wrong initial choice. Plus, replacing flooring can take time that you may not have available. When you are choosing commercial carpet, make a wise decision using these tips.

Tip 1: Find Out The Life Expectancy Of The Carpet

Think about how long you want the carpet to last in your space. Would you like it to last 15 years or longer, or are you okay with 5 years since you are leasing the building and will be done with it before that term? You may not know much about the life expectancy of commercial carpet, but the flooring company you work with will. If you have a goal in mind, they can help you find carpeting to match.

Tip 2: Look At It Under All Different Lighting

You will want to pick styles and colors that look good for the space and the company image. If you are going with carpet tiles, you can easily replace one or two tiles as needed. Carpet can look different under various lighting too, so you will want to look at samples under the commercial building’s lights and not just in the store. Think about patterns and textures and how they would look expanded wall to wall as well.

Tip 3: Keep In Mind Where The Commercial Carpet Is Going

The wear and tear of your carpeting depends on how it is treated. If there is more foot traffic, for example, it’s smart to choose a very durable kind of carpet. If it’s in an entryway or lobby, keep in mind that people will be walking in with wet, dirty, or snowy shoes and consider something that is more resistant to soil and water. Smaller office spaces, on the other hand, will see less foot traffic, and less dirt and water. These spaces could be suited for a softer kind of carpet, for example. We are happy to go over all of the areas your commercial space is in need of carpet, and make our professional recommendations.  

Tip 4: Think About Your Existing Furniture

Some commercial buildings are made up of mostly open space so removing furniture before a carpet installation isn’t a big deal. Others, like office spaces, have cubicles, file cabinets, and computers that are essential to the operation of their business. In these cases, some installers can put in the carpet without having to remove any of these items, which allows the business to keep running uninterrupted. Owners are always happy to hear that their productivity will not be put on hold by installing new commercial carpeting.

Choose The Best Commercial Carpet

There’s not a one-size-fits-all answer for every building. The best option is to work closely with a  flooring company who has years of experience with commercial carpet, who will help meet your needs, and also make suggestions to take your space to the next level. Contact Duncan Flooring Specialists today. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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