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DUNCAN Flooring Specialist provides the best up-to-date flooring solutions for your home or business with cost-effective and friendly service. We take pride in being an established high-quality flooring dealer that will help make your home or office beautiful and unique.

Bathrooms endure a lot of traffic during a normal day’s use. What most flooring companies focus directly on is its aesthetic appeal, DUNCAN Flooring Specialist focuses on what flooring options would not only function best for the space, but also provide the style and quality to the room. Bathrooms need a durable flooring material that can last through the many factors it is put against. When selecting the right flooring for you and your space, there are many things to keep in mind:

  • Humidity and heat
  • Foot traffic durability
  • Maintenance
  • Options for Styling – colorful, neutral, modern
  • Budget and Costs

There are many materials to consider when selecting the best flooring options for your bathroom. Are you looking for a creative approach or more of a classic look? DUNCAN Flooring Specialist can help choose the right flooring that best suits your style. We have a variety of flooring solutions to help stand up to the wear and tear of bathroom usage. The top three bathroom flooring options are:

  1. Laminate
  2. Vinyl
  3. Ceramic Tile

Our number one goal at DUNCAN Flooring Specialist is to provide you with high quality materials attached to top of the line service. We have experience in bathroom flooring solutions that will help transform your space into a desirable place to call home.

From carpet to vinyl, DUNCAN Flooring Specialist covers it all. No matter your style preference, our team of experts will work with you to create the space you have always imagined.